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Player Agreement

This agreement sets out the obligations of players in respect to registering with North Shore United Hockey Inc

I acknowledge that: 

❖ By accepting the uniform items (to be known as the “uniform”), as listed below, I am accepting full responsibility for the care of the items supplied. 

❖ The uniform is on loan and remains the property of the North Shore United Hockey Club (NSU).

❖ The uniform is to be returned after the final match for the season. Any uniform items not returned within 14 days of this match may be charged for. 

❖ The uniform must be returned in a similar condition to when it was supplied. 

❖ I am liable for costs of cleaning, repair or replacement, should they be required, at the discretion of the Uniform Co-ordinator. NSU acknowledges that before any charges are considered, allowance will be made for “fair” usage. 

❖ The uniform will be used only by the player it is issued to and only for matches where the player is representing NSU. 

❖ No adjustments, markings, additions, or repairs will be made without the approval of the Uniform Co-ordinator. Any loss of uniform items, or damage to items, will be made known to the Uniform Coordinator as soon as practicable. 

❖ I acknowledge I will act professionally at all times, including, but not limited to; punctuality, language, respect of coaches, umpires and other players. 

❖ I agree to conduct myself in a manner so as not to bring NSU into public disrepute or be in breach of the North Harbour or NSU Code of Conduct (see website). This includes conduct and opinions on social media sites, emails etc. 

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