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Winter fees

How do I pay?​

  • Direct Credit to 12-3059-0474861-00

    • Payment Reference should be Surname & Initials​

  • Cash / Cheque 

    • Payable to North Shore United Hockey Club

    • Please give to any committee member or your team manager

How much do I pay and by when?


$520 total

Dates vary based on which option you choose below:

Option 1 | Full Fees (Total cost: $520)

  • $100 installment paid at or before Muster Night

  • Fees paid in full by the 1st of June

  • Fees not paid in full by due date will incur a $50 late payment penalty


Option 2 | Three (3) Installments (Total cost: $520)

  • $100 installment paid at or before Muster Night

  • Fees paid in 3 installments, as follows:

    • Due date: 19th April - Amount: $140

    • Due date: 1st June - Amount: $140

    • Due date: 1st August - Amount: $140  

  • Installments not paid by each due date will incur a $15 late payment penalty (per installment)

  • Please contact or to arrange


Option 3 | Weekly Installments by Automatic Payment (AP) (Total cost: $520)


Full Fee - Goalie (own gear): $315
Full Fee - School Player: $450

Approved casual players please email to organise payment

The following fee concessions may apply: 


A player shall only receive one concession, being the highest available to them.

A Level 1-4 concession shall apply to the season immediately following when the player was in the representative team. For example, if a player was U21 in 2022 they will be eligible for a level 4 concession in the 2023 season.

All concessions are at the discretion of the President.

Concessions are non-transferable unless approved by the NSU committee. Please contact the secretary if you wish to discuss this.

All players receiving a discount or concession must have their subsidised fees paid in full before the late fee penalty cut-off date or the discount shall be cancelled and the full fee shall become due. All discounted/concession players must also keep up with the minimum payments required by all club members until their total fee is paid (this may mean their fee is paid off before the end of the season).

All players with fees unpaid after the season shall be blacklisted with North Harbour Hockey and will not be released to another NZ club or be able to play summer hockey until they are paid in full

There is only one player/coach discount of $300 per team.

If fees are not paid by the due date of your chosen option you will not take the field for your team.

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