Women's hockey at NSU



All our winter teams have a coach, train during the week and play on the weekends

Games on both days can range from 11am to 7pm 

Where we have 2 teams, the 'A' team is Red and the 'B' team is Blue

For 2018, Harbour have restructured the grades, so there are 8 teams and a new division at the bottom. Attending trials will be the best way to identify where you fit. 


Played on Saturday


In 2017, NSU had 1 Premier team and features Kat Henry who has appeared for the NZ Black Sticks. 


Premier Women is the top club grade in North Harbour and teams in this grade also participate in the inter-city competition with the Auckland association during the winter season. This grade provides the pathway to the regional National Hockey League teams. North Harbour being one of them, the North Harbour women came 4th (out of 12) in the 2017 campaign. 

During inter-city games are played in Auckland as well as at Albany. 

Premier 2

Played on Sunday 

1 team

Premier 2 is a 2nd tier grade below the Premier grade where up and coming players can continue their pathway to elite hockey in North Harbour. It also contains a number of experienced players to teach the youngsters the finer points of the game. 

Premier 3

Played on Saturday

1 team

Division 1

Played on Sunday

2 teams Red & Blue

Division 2

Played on Saturday

2 teams Red & Blue

Division 3

Played on Sunday

1 team

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Masters hockey is played at North Harbour from October to February for players aged 33+

There are 2 grades:

  • Wednesday night is competitive and for experienced players

  • Friday night is social and good for those returning to the game

For both grades the games are 6.45pm or 8pm and there are no trainings/practises. 

your contact person is:

Wednesday: Karen McPherson

Friday: Robin Kavanagh