Youth Hockey at NSU

What is the Youth Grade?

The Youth Grade was started at North Harbour Hockey a few years ago and its prime purpose is to introduce boys and girls to senior men’s and woman’s club hockey.  The Youth Grade is only for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 and is an 11 a-side, full field competition. “Senior” (older than 18) players are allowed to be included in the team (one senior player in the A Grade and 2 senior players in the B Grade) and the role of these older players is to encourage, support and teach the players in our team.  Please we want to stress that this is not an elite competition and we therefore welcome all levels of players.


So a bit more info:

  •    Competitions runs from November (about 7 to 8 games)

  •    Monday night at either 6pm or 7pm and the games are 1 hour in duration

  •    Training will probably be on a Thursday night 6:30 to 7:30 pm (still to be confirmed)

  •    Cost will be around $105 for the season

    • If you require assistance in paying fees as a result of COVID-19, please apply for assistance to our COVID-19 hardship fund by emailing Elna Meller at

    • A refund policy will apply if any games are cancelled due to COVID-19

  •    We will provide uniforms and umpires

  •    We have FUN!