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Club Roles


  • Ensuring regular committee meetings are held throughout the year

  • Ensure fair and democratic discussion and voting at all meetings

  • Chair club committee meetings and AGMs

  • Support club officers in fulfilling their responsibilities

  • Officially represent the club and its views in association meetings and discussions

  • Mediate in any internal club dispute, or inter-club dispute

  • Ensure the club is run under its rules and constitution

  • Co-ordinate all activities of the club

  • Assist team coaches/managers with selection of teams


  • Assist President in his/her duties

  • Act as President in situations where the President is unable to act

  • Fulfil any other duties as delegated by the President


  • Maintain club records, databases, membership details, and documents

  • Receive club correspondence and distribute as required in consultation with the President and Vice-President

  • Ensure an agenda and previous minutes are available to all committee members for all meetings

  • Record all minutes of meetings, and distribute to the committee in a timely fashion

  • Assist President to prepare regular club newsletters

  • Fulfil any other duties as delegated by the President


  • Be responsible for the financial control of all club finances, including bank accounts and cash

  • Ensure that accurate records are kept of all club financial transactions

  • Prepare regular financial statements for committee meetings

  • Assist in preparing an annual budget with the President

  • Maintain the club cheque book, and pay all accounts as necessary

Committee Member

  • Attend committee meetings

  • Act as conduits of information to club members

  • Fulfil any duties as delegated by the President

Uniform Co-ordinator

  • Distribute and receive uniform items

  • Maintain an accurate record of all uniforms

  • Repair/replace uniform as required

Communication Co-ordinator

  • Maintain club website with accurate information

  • Distribute email correspondence to club members as directed by the Executive Committee

Umpire Co-ordinator

  • Manage roster of umpires as required

Equipment Co-ordinator

  • Distribute and receive equipment items to teams

  • Maintain an accurate record of all equipment

  • Repair/replace equipment as required

Social Event Co-ordinator

  • Manage organisation of club social activities, including the Annual Awards Evening, via the Social Committee

  • Gain approval for all expenses from Executive Committee

  • Pass all monies raised to Treasurer

Club Captain

  • Set a good example and promote the club to its members and general public

  • Foster a positive club spirit by engaging with members of the club

  • Promote club activities to club members and the general public

  • Assist in selection of teams as required

  • Mediate in club disputes as required by the President

  • Conduit of ideas and information to the committee from the members

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