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Due to Covid-19 Hockey New Zealand and North Harbour Hockey have suspended all hockey until May 2nd 2020. More details to come.

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"I felt so welcome and I wanted to say a big thank you to you and all the volunteers at NSU for a fun and enjoyable season"

"NSU has been an incredible experience not only because of the coaching but with the environment each team creates. The coaches don’t make you feel silly when making mistakes, they use mistakes as an opportunity to teach new skills. Also, I benefited from being coached by such experienced players."

"Both our girls have played for North Shore United. They love the club, and their hockey game has improved incredibly. They have gone from just picking up a stick, to learning the game and being a successful member of the team. The coaches know how to break the game down to explain the basics and the strategies to be a winning team. They are always encouraged to be their personal best both on and off the field."

"NSU is unlike any other hockey club. The environment is amazing from the coaching to the lifelong friendships, I can definitely call NSU my home."

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Hockey New Zealand have suspended all hockey through to 2nd May 2020. North Harbour Hockey is committed to working towards completing a season of winter hockey in some shape or form. We will update you as soon as we have more information.

COVID-19 FEES UPDATE: No further fees are payable to the club until we have an understanding of how this season will look.  There is an installment due date of 1 April 2020 which can be ignored.  Some of you may prefer to keep paying fees and that is okay as well.  We note that any over payment of fees will be refunded in full.