I need something who do I ask?

Here is a list of who to contact if you have a question or require something during the season:

Coaches/Managers to cancel a training, ask about training locations or times or need to contact another coach or club member contact Karen McPherson at secretary@northshoreunited.org.nz

If your question is to do with fees or a consession contact our Treasurer Michelle Bosch at treasurer@northshoreunited.org.nz

If you need the alternate women's uniform, a replacement women's uniform or have a new player that requires unform contact Jan Henry at thehenrys@xtra.co.nz or Robyn Kavanagh at robinjkavanagh@hotmail.com

If you need the alternate men's uniform, a replacement men's uniform or have a new player that requires unform contact Nathan Moffitt at nathanmoffitt2@gmail.com or Jeff Richardon at jeffery.richardson@hotmail.com

Have a question in relation to a social event contact Immy Macartney, Elna Meller or Kim Nicholas on Facebook or email socialnsu@gmail.com

If you need replacement training equipment or first aid supplies contact Michelle Wood at famwood@xtra.co.nz or Jan Henry at thehenrys@xtra.co.nz

If you're having an issue with your Coach, Manager or a team member contact either the Men's club captain Elliot Thomas at elthomas@xtra.co.nz or Women's club captain Bronwyn Coomer-Smit at  Bronwyn@flownz.com.

If your question is not covered above please contact Karen McPherson at secretary@northshoreunited.org.nz and she will either have the answer or direct you to the correct person.